Safety Guidelines

All outdoor soccer program participants must familiarize themselves with these safety topics:

Concussion Safety

Complete a concussion awareness on-line training program. Remember, no headers!

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Weather Safety

Learn about weather hazards and how to handle canceled practices and games.

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Player Safety

Learn about injuries, the “Blood Rule,” and casts, splints, and medical devices.

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The Walker Recreation Department has circulated a “Walker Recreation Stay Safe Guidelines” which provides some additional health safety guidance for players, coaches, and spectators at soccer events. Mainly:

Temporary Safety Rules

  • Team snacks/drinks allowed, but only if individually packaged.
  • No pre or post event handshakes, hugs, fist bumps, high-fives, or contact celebrations.
  • Obey all active local, county, state, and federal health and safety protocols, even if not posted here.

Visit the Stay Safe page for complete details.

Required Topics