October 17, 2021

Thank-You for a Great Season!

The Fall, 2021 season went down without a hitch. As always, I would like to thank all the participants for taking part. Every Saturday of the season, 412 kids on 44 teams played 22 games on 9 fields in under 4-hours, moving something approximating 1,500 people through the park each game day. For a Fall season, this has got to be a record. The kids are playing so well and having so much fun!

The officials put forth a great deal of preparation in advance of their first games, and executed their duties well beyond expectations. As I emailed a parent of an official earlier today, “I asked the impossible; and they gave me double.” Officials: You are much appreciated.

The coaches, too, provided excellent guidance and leadership to the kids on their teams; and helped the parents bring them all together for so many practices and games. Each added their own flavor of fun and variety for the sake of the kids. Great job, coaches!

Parents, Grandparents, and many other family and friends also turned out; and that really brought the park to life, too! The playground saw constant use, and the visitors created all sorts of fun activities during the games as well.

On behalf of myself and the staff of the City of Walker, thank-you all for participating. I hope to see you all next Spring. Have a safe and happy Winter season!

Spring, 2022

Sign-ups for the Spring, 2022 season are just 3 short months away. Let’s keep this ball rolling! Stay tuned for further announcements on that.