Weather Safety

Revised: Apr 3, 2021

Field Condition Cancellations

Sometimes, cancellations can be made before scheduled games are played because we know in advance that a certain field cannot be used (e.g., due to flooding or ponding of water). In those situations, we can post a notice on this website and update the cancellation hotline (616-791-6206). The Recreation Department will also contact coaches if their games are canceled in advance, so that the coaches can in turn call their players and parents.

Severe Weather Emergencies

If a severe weather emergency (e.g., a tornado warning) happens while at the park, the Recreation Department advises that shelter is available at the Walker Ice and Fitness Center, located at 4151 Remembrance Rd. NW (just south of the library and public works buildings).

Severe Weather Cancellations

This website does not post severe weather alerts!

Because severe weather dangers can emerge so suddenly, there may not be time to post cancellations to this website or to update the hotline recording. Walker Recreation requires that coaches cancel practices in the event of visible lightning, a severe thunderstorm warning, or any tornado advisory (either a watch or a warning). Games are also canceled if the National Weather Service issues such an alert affecting Kent County, or if visible lightning is observed at the fields.

  • If games are canceled, the Recreation Department will contact the coaches.
  • The coaches will in turn contact the players on their team.
  • If severe weather is forecasted or present during the week, it is the coaches’ responsibility to cancel their practices.
  • A notice will also be posted on the home page here only if practical: Please rely on local news and weather authorities for up-to-date weather advisories and information.

Severe Weather Alerts

Please rely only on communications from official weather authorities or trusted news outlets for up-to-date weather advisories and information (e.g.,

Because this website does not post severe weather alerts, please rely upon official communications channels for more immediate access to that kind of information. Here are some helpful resources.

Severe Weather: When in doubt, CANCEL!

Severe Weather: When in doubt, CANCEL!