Virtual Meeting

This “virtual meeting” is a self-study course on the soccer program and more broadly, how to officiate a soccer game. It replaces the classroom training of years past, so go at your own pace; but please complete the online forms by the due date. There is a games' pay for completing the online virtual meeting, so complete the training, below, to get credit! If you have not yet taken the concussion safety course online, that’s worth another game’s pay as well. It is required for officials and supervisors 18 years of age or older; but optional if you are younger.

Complete this online training:

  1. Meeting Video (~10 minutes; watch this first!).
  2. Concussions Training (~45 minutes; CDC Train sign-in required; required if 18+ years old; paid 1-game credit for completion).
  3. Officials' Test (~40 minutes; required; review the officials slide show before taking the exam; also see the study guide for more detailed explanations; paid 1-game credit for completion).

Training Schedule

Once everybody completes this course, we meet for two hours as a group for outdoor training. It is during this outdoor training program that I will make sure you’re all ready to work as an soccer official.

Date Training Item
September 9, 2023 The “virtual meeting” self-study course along with the online forms, above, are due; please complete by this date.
September 9, 2023
2:00 PM (Saturday)
The primary outdoor training date for officials. Training is an outdoor, in person, group activity and takes about 2 hours.
September 15
4:00 PM (Friday)
Make up outdoor training date for officials.
September 16, 2023 Game #1: Games Begin!

Training Pay

Training activities are paid:

  • Watch the video, take the test: 1-game
  • Outdoor field training (2-hours): 2-games
  • Concussion training (one-time requirement): 1-game
  • TOTAL: 4.0 games pay

One-to-One Training

If you have any questions, or if you would like any one-to-one training, please contact me and I’ll be happy to meet with you online, or at the soccer fields, by phone, or through emails and text messages.