Sign-ups and Waiting Lists

Published: May 24, 2024

The Walker Recreation Department organizes two youth soccer seasons per year: Spring, and Fall seasons. Because of the large numbers of participants, sign-ups take place well in advance of the seasons themselves to allow time for the teams to be organized, schedules made up, and other planning.


Sign-ups take place via the online recreation activity portal (under the “Youth Sports” activity tab). Each year, the sign-ups begin starting on the following dates:

  • Spring: Every year from February 1-18 (or until full)
  • Fall: Every year from Sunday of the July 4 Independence Day weekend, for two weeks (or until full)

Some age groups fill up fast, so be very prompt about getting signed up! Once an age group is “full,” its registrations will close.

Waiting List

Because there must be enough players to fill an even number of teams, the waiting list grows until we reach enough players to create two more teams (or until an age group is “full”). At the deadline, teams are “locked in” and unfortunately, this means that many players do not get to play. You can avoid being left on a waiting list by signing up promptly at the beginning of each season, since teams are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Subscribe to the Calendar

Because sign-ups are always on the same dates every season, you can simply add the two dates (February 1st and July 1st) to your calendar, and set them up as annually recurring events. Add a reminder, too, so the date doesn’t come and go unnoticed!

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Add the Walker Recreation Department Youth Soccer Program schedule to your calendar. You can subscribe here, and never miss an important soccer date again!

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