When Substitutions are Allowed

Substitutes may enter the game under the following conditions:

4-6 age groups:

The 4-6 age groups may substitute players at any time, with or without game stoppage. Players are permitted to enter or leave the field at the coaches or parents discretion; however, players may not enter the field if doing so would cause there to be a greater number of players than allowed.

7-8, 9-10 and 11-13 age groups:

  • On any goal kick
  • On a team’s own throw-in
  • On a team’s own corner kick
  • On an opponent’s throw-in or corner kick, if the opponent also substitutes
  • After a goal has been scored
  • At half time (or during break, 7-8 Age Group)
  • When a player has been cautioned or sent off (yellow or red card)
  • When a player has been instructed to leave the field for equipment change

Substitution Reporting

During live play, substitutes shall not enter the field of play until they report to the referee by calling for a substitution. The substitute players must wait at the center line until they are beckoned by the referee. Any number of players can come into the game on any dead ball for either team, so long as the conditions of Rule 4-1., above, have been satisfied. A player may only enter the field of play when beckoned by the referee to enter.

Substitution Violation

Any player who enters or leaves the field during the progress of the game, except through normal movement of play, without the referee’s permission shall be guilty of misconduct.

Substitution PENALTY

The player shall be cautioned (show the yellow card) and the opponent team shall be awarded an indirect free kick from the location of the ball at the time of the infraction.

Substitutions may not be permitted during live play or at any time without the acknowledgment of a referee. To acknowledge a substitution, blow the whistle to signal the other referee and have the player hold the ball. Raise a hand in the air straight up and hold it there until the substitution is complete. You should count the number of players on the field for both teams any time a substitution occurs. Players must come onto the field from the touchline at the halfway line. Kindly remind the coaches of this as necessary. If a 12th player takes the field without being acknowledged or otherwise in violation of these rules, issue a yellow card to the 12th player and direct that player to return to the coach.