The Spirit and Philosophy of the Game

Revised: Apr 5, 2021

For the Walker Recreation Department, the youth soccer program is intended to be a community activity to be enjoyed by resident and non-resident children from the ages of 7-12 years. A "community activity" means fun, physical fitness and enjoyment for all participants — players and their families, coaches and officials. No records or standings are kept, no try-outs are had and there are no play-offs to determine a crown champion. Such things are the hallmarks of a soccer club designed for competative play — not a community soccer program. So please, enjoy the "recreational" soccer program to the fullest so that each participant can derive the maximum benefit from what their participation in this program offers, without the demands of higher-echelon soccer.

Reminders to Coaches

  • The philosophy of this program is as follows:
    • Allow every child to play (no matter what their skill level is)
    • Teach the fundamentals of soccer
    • No records or league standings will be kept. EXCEPTION: EACH PLAYER MAY SCORE ONLY (3) GOALS PER GAME
    • This is a skill improvement program, NOT WIN AT ALL COSTS!!!
  • Coaches can not add players to their teams for any reason. If a child wishes to join after sign-ups, they must do so through the office of the Recreation Department.
  • Call the players on your team as soon as possible after you receive your list of team members. Please give the players your NAME and PHONE NUMBER and WHEN and WHERE practices are. [[coaches:notification|Click here]] for detailed information about this.
  • We suggest that you meet with your players’ parents before the season begins. Topics should include program philosophy, playing time, and rules. At this time, it would be a good idea to get more parents involved in the program.
  • OFFICIALS MUST BE TREATED WITH RESPECT. The Walker Recreation Department gives the referees broad discretion in the enforcement of the rules. Contact the field supervisor if you wish to dispute or clarify the rulings of an official.
  • The officials make the calls. They also make mistakes. Do not allow players to confront the officials or dispute their calls. If necessary, contact the field supervisor for clarification of the rules, and then explain to the players what happened. Officials’ mistakes should be viewed as a coaching opportunity.
  • Please be at your game 20-30 minutes before game time.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be allowed anywhere on park grounds.
  • Smoking is allowed on the paved areas of the park only.
  • If for some reason you as coach can not be present at a scheduled game or practice, please make arrangements to have it covered by your assistant. Contact the Recreation Department for assistance if necessary.
  • Coaches may experience a problem with players who failed to show up at scheduled practice sessions but the same players would show up to play in games. Since our rule states that everyone must play this presents a problem for the coach. We would suggest that a coach only schedule one or two practices a week.
  • Each player must learn to play all positions on the field. During a game each player should play both an offensive and defensive position.
  • Please keep chanting positive and constructive at all times.
  • When making substitutions, substituted players must leave the playing field before play resumes.
  • Coaches must control themselves, their players, and parents. Coaches will have a rapport with their players and their parents, so their role in helping players and parents understand the game and this soccer program is critical.